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Updated Administrative Requirement 2-260: Requirements for ALS-BLS Interface Training

Updated Administrative Requirement (A/R) 2-260: Requirements for ALS-BLS Interface Training


Attached please find the updated A/R 2-260.  This administrative requirement contains the content that course sponsors and instructors must meet in developing the DPH/OEMS-approved continuing education course, commonly called “ALS/BLS interface training,” that is required training for all levels of EMTs who work side-by-side as a team for a service on an ALS ambulance.


This A/R makes has primarily been updated to make the following changes:

·         Reflect addition of the Advanced EMT level;

·         Adds to what EMT-Basics can assist with, the following:

o   Assist with CPAP

o   Assist with attaching capnography machine to the monitor

o   Retrieve IO as well as IV supplies, and assist with assembling connecting tubing for IO as well as IV

·         Reduces the minimum hours requirement for this class from 4 hours to 2 hours;

·         No longer requires a review training course of minimum 2 hours be completed every two years.  Please note: The service’s responsibility is to ensure each EMT who works in such mixed-staffing configurations for their service has completed the training outlined in the A/R before they work in such staffing configurations, and from then on, to ensure these EMTs are provided updated training regarding changes or updates in all Statewide Treatment Protocols, service policy/procedures and all equipment they will be using or assisting with, again before implementation of any changes or updates.



If you have any questions on this, please contact Renee Atherton, Paramedic, Compliance Coordinator, at

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