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EMS Week 2015 -- New Method for Submitting Continuing Education to Region IV

It is with great pleasure that we notify you of the recent changes that have occurred with regards to the continuing education approval and tracking system in EMS Region IV.

Now EMS providers and educators are able to submit applications for continuing education courses completely electronically. The guidelines for submitting Continuing Education and NCCR courses for approval have not changed; just the method in which they are submitted. Coordinators, Instructors and ATIs will no longer need to complete the continuing education application form or ATI course registration sheet because the online entry portal has taken its place. Again, to be clear, the process for submitting continuing education applications has not changed. The rules that were established by OEMS regarding continuing education submission guidelines, course material, outlines, etc. still apply. We have only changed the method of submission, not the rules. These changes only apply to EMS Region IV.

The new portal for submitting continuing education for approval may be reached from the home page of the Region’s website or by following this link General continuing education courses and ATI courses are submitted through this portal. Instructions for utilizing the new portal can be found attached to this memo or at

In addition to being able to submit courses electronically and receive approval electronically EMS providers and educators will be able to submit date changes for courses with an approval number to the office through the following portal, This portal is also used to notify the Region of classes being run under a blanket approval number.

The Metropolitan Boston EMS Council encourages all Coordinators and Instructors to use this new digital resource. As of January 1, 2016 MBEMSC will no longer be accepting paper, fax, or email continuing education applications.


Should you have any questions regarding the new continuing education submission and approval system or any other questions, please feel free to contact us at or 781-505-4367.

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