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EMS Week 2015 -- “EMS Point of Entry and Early Notification” Film

Department of Social Media FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 05/22/15



Region IV Releases “EMS Point of Entry and Early Notification” Film

MBEMSC Releases Short Film for EMS Week 2015


Burlington, MA: Today, the Metropolitan Boston Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc. (MBEMSC), EMS Region IV, the agency designated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to coordinate the delivery of Emergency Medical Services, within the sixty-one cities and towns comprising the Metropolitan Boston Area, releases a short film to celebrate EMS Week 2015.

The MBEMSC Public Information and Education Resource (PIER) Committee, Chaired by Alice King, together with Needham-based media production company Last Minute Productions, has developed a short film about entry notes and point-of-entry, and their importance in treating patients. This film was made possible by the generosity of South Shore Hospital. This film was generated to educate EMS providers, hospitals, nurses, and the general public about the difference point-of-entry and early entry notification can make in the outcome of a patient.

Jay Dobek, Ryan Mecheski, and Joanne Pallotta of Last Minute Productions worked with the MBEMSC PIER Committee to create this film. Featuring; Doctors Charles Pozner, Lee Schwamm, William Tollefsen, Ricky Kue, and Bohdan Pomahac; Deputy Superintendent Joe O’Hare; Lt. Rich McCready; and Richard Serino. This film will be shared with all Region IV Service providers and distributed via MBEMSC social media.

The MBEMSC’s goal is to re-enforce just how important early notification by EMS to the emergency department is in the potential outcome of a patient. Requesting specialized resources upfront (Trauma, Stroke, STEMI) when contacting the Emergency Department makes the hospital better prepared for EMS when they arrive. The more prepared everyone is the more quickly the patient can be treated. 

We are excited to be able to bring together so many well respected and knowledgeable members of our healthcare community to help address a common challenge. Our hope is that this video will help to strengthen communications between EMS providers and the hospitals, which will ultimately lead to even more efficient and timely care for the public.

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