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Budget Update

Executive Director Derrick Congdon sent the following to our Board of Directos Friday Evening, regarding the ongoing struggle to restore the EMS Budget for FY16:


"Mr. Tyler has asked that I forward you the following update regarding the Governor’s signing of the budget for FY 16. As of late this afternoon Governor Baker has signed the budget for FY 16. Included in that budget was Outside Section 93 which will provide a base for formalizing MIH in the Commonwealth. I have included the language below.*


In addition to approving this outside section the Governor also made several vetoes within the proposed budget that the conference committee had sent him last week. Of the vetoes that the Governor made the line item for the regional EMS councils was one of them. Currently the regions will be funded at the Governor’s initial proposal amount. There is still a possibility that we will be able to restore some of the funding if we can persuade the legislature to override the Governor’s veto. I would request that all members contact their Senators and Representatives this week to advocate overturning the veto from the Governor. I will send out further materials on Monday that you may use as talking points when speaking with your legislators.


I thank you for all of the assistance you have given in this effort to restore the Regional Council’s funding. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.






The Talking Points for speaking to your State Legislators are the same, but they are attached here for your reference.

*Read More About Section 93 Here

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