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Final Updated Administrative Requirement 5-402: ALS Ambulance Equipment List Changes for Advanced EMT level Ambulances and ALS Medication List revisions for new Protocols

Office of Emergency Medical Services

Department of Public Health

Commonwealth of Massachusetts



Final Updated Administrative Requirements (ARs) 5-401: BLS Equipment List and 5-402: ALS Equipment List, and Updated ALS Medication List for New Statewide Treatment Protocols, v. 2015.1


Attached please find three updated standards for ambulance services:

·         The first is the final updated AR 5-401, with regard to the BLS ambulance equipment list, to require GPS systems on all ambulances, and to continue to require, now as a backup in case of GPS system failure, street directories and road maps be carried on all ambulances. With this change, the intention is that the GPS system is the primary navigation system, but that ambulances are to also still required to carry maps and street directories so there is no need for an ambulance vehicle to come out of service if the GPS system fails, because they are authorized to use the required maps and street directories as a backup navigation system.  The effective date of this updated BLS Equipment List AR is November 2, 2015.

·         The second is the final updated AR 5-402, with regard to the ALS ambulance equipment list, which makes a few updates with regard to equipment on Advanced EMT level ambulances, to bring the list fully in compliance with the scope of practice of the Advanced EMT as reflected in the Statewide Treatment Protocols. Several pieces of equipment for AEMTs that had been unnecessarily required in the previous version of the AR have been removed, and just two new items, erroneously excluded currently, are added. The effective date of this updated ALS Equipment List AR is September 9, 2015.

·         The third is the updated ALS Medication List, reflecting the changes in the Statewide Treatment Protocols, v. 2015.1. This medication list has been reformatted as an Advisory, to be updated annually with the Protocols, and to take effect at the same time the new Protocols go into effect. The effective date of this updated ALS Medication List is October 20, 2015.



For questions about these updated standards, please contact Phil Bonaiuto, Ambulance Regulation Program Supervisor, at, with regard to the BLS equipment list, and Dan Saxe, NRP, I/C, OEMS Trauma Coordinator, at, with regard to the ALS equipment list and medication list.

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