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Region IV CE Instructions - Updated Administrative Requirement (AR) 2-212:EMT Continuing Education Standards

As you are well aware the Office of Emergency Medical Services has recently sent out the updated version of Administrative Requirement (A/R) 2-212 Continuing Education Standards. This A/R is in effect for use for the 2016 recertification cycle. Please make sure that you and your education staff review the document in its entirety.


The following are the main changes and how these changes will be implemented at the Region IV Council:  

·         Extension of the 2015 Massachusetts continuing education approval numbers until March 31, 2016.

o    Current blanket approved courses that already have 2015 approval numbers (15xxxx) will still be valid until March 31, 2016. Instructors will still be required to provide two weeks’ notice as to when and where the courses will be held.

o    Courses to be held between 1/1/2016 and 3/31/2016 will receive 2015 approval numbers (15xxxx). This one-time extension allows the approval process to be moved to a one year “April to April” window, matching a certification expiration date.

§  Instructors and Coordinators may begin submitting applications for courses scheduled to take place between 1/1/2016 and 3/31/2016 to Region IV beginning Monday November 23, 2015 via the electronic portal located on our website (

§  Courses that are scheduled to begin April 1, 2016 and forward may be submitted starting March 7, 2016. These courses will be utilizing a new numbering system. We will be updating our electronic continuing education system to accommodate these new numbers. Should the update be completed sooner we will notify you and you may submit courses then.  

§  Submissions for courses for the first half of 2016 (1/1/2016 – 3/31/2016) and the remainder of 2016 (4/1/2016 and forward) will need to be submitted separately. You will not be able to submit a course to receive a 2015 number and new 2016 number. In order to make the transition as smooth as possible we are asking instructors and coordinators to submit courses in accordance with the transition timeframe. Course submissions that do not follow the prescribed timeframe will be sent back to the applicant for resubmission in accordance with the guidance.

  • Definitions of Methods of Instruction, clarifying the Department’s policy on distributive education (DE). Prior to the updated A/R Region IV collected data on the type of programs that were being run by our EMS Educators. Courses were either In-Person, On-Line, or a Combination of the two.
    • The new A/R has more clearly defined the methods of instruction for courses. These definitions are based on the definition from CECBEMS and matches what the NREMT accepts for the methods of instruction for continuing education courses.
      • A method of instruction must be assigned to a program if you wish it to receive an approval number going forward.
      • The submission of courses that are both on-line and have a live skill portion will need to be submitted separately to receive approval numbers for each component. 
  • Acceptance of most Continuing Education Coordinating Board for EMS (CECBEMS) approval numbers for Massachusetts EMTs (with or without NREMT certification). OEMS now allows for courses that have certain CECBEMS approval numbers to be accepted for recertification in Massachusetts. Programs that receive CECBEMS approval numbers are not required to seek a separate Massachusetts Approval number for continuing education programs. (This only applies to programs that receive CECBEMS numbers). This change better aligns Massachusetts with what NREMT accepts for recertification.  
  • Course Completion Certificate Requirements. The updated A/R requires that all participants of a course receive a copy of the official OEMS course roster or a Course Completion Certificate. Minimums for information certificates must include are contained in the updated A/R 2-212. 
  • As of January 1, 2016 MBEMSC will no longer be accepting paper, fax, or email continuing education applications.


Other information regarding the Continuing Education submission and review process may be found on the Region IV website at If you have further questions regarding updated A/R 2-212 please feel free to contact the office at (781) 505-4367.


The following is also posted in the "Education" section of our website.

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