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As you know, the Governor's Budget was released, as well as the House Ways & Means budget for FY’17 and they were level funded based on last year’s final approved budget. These budgets do not reflect a cut to the EMS Regional line item (DPH 4510-0790), but we are still down by $100,000, as only half of last year’s budget cut was restored. As the five regional EMS Councils are looking for the reinstatement of $100,000 to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Line Item (DPH 4510-0790) which would enable each of the five regional EMS Councils to continue to receive $20,000 each in FY’17 to support effective EMS Coordination, Training, Education, and Recertification oversight, continued CMED (ambulance to hospital communication centers) and other EMS operations related to the growing expanding needs of the EMS system in the Commonwealth (ie: data collection, Mobile Integrated Healthcare/Community Paramedicine, etc.).


We were able to get an amendment in the House and it was put into a consolidated DPH amendment but at the last minute it was thrown out. Thankfully, Senator John Keenan has sponsored an amendment for us in the Senate budget since Senate Ways and Means never increased our line item.


Please send/email the attached letter to your State Senator, and request that they support Amendment #540 that was filed by Senator John Keenan to reinstate this crucial funding.


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