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BMC Yellow Tube Demolition - June 2016

We have been notified that Boston Medical Center has received confirmation that the City of Boston has approved the Yellow Tube demolition for this weekend 6/17 and for the weekend of 6/24.


Highlights for this weekend from 8pm Friday 6/17 through 6am Monday 6/20:

-          All NON EMERGENT ambulances should use the Harrison Ave entrance

-          All EMERGENT ambulances will use Shapiro Drive

-          Additional RN and registration staff will be working during transition times at both locations (first and last hour of staffing switch)

-          Additional BPD details will be on Albany Street

-          Additional Public Safety staff will be on Shapiro Drive

-          Directional signage will be installed around the hospital


Attached is the HazMat Contingency Plan and a map for your reference.



If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Carignan, Senior Administrative Director (617-584-8544) with any questions.

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