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EMS Open House at the Lahey Hospital and Medical Center (Burlington Campus)

From our friends at Lahey Hospital:


"Dear EMS Partners,

The new Emergency Department (ED) project at the Burlington campus has completed the construction phase and is scheduled to open on January 25th. In an effort to allow EMS as much time as possible to become familiar with the new space and the traffic pattern from Burlington Mall Road, we have scheduled three touring opportunities.

EMS personnel, either on duty or off, are welcome to park at the ambulance entrance to the new ED and participate in a walk through intended to begin the familiarization process with the new location and any process changes. This should be thought of as an open house with no appointments necessary. The dedicated EMS dates and times are: 

• December 16, 2016 7am-3pm

• December 28, 2016 7am-11pm

• January 12, 2017 7am-3pm 

The new ED can be accessed off Burlington Mall Road, at the newly renovated median and traffic light installation just a few hundred feet west of the entryway to the existing ED. The turn is at the current Trump Building parking lot and can be accessed from both directions. Once you turn onto the campus you will travel for an additional few hundred feet and turn left into the new ED driveway. Stay to the right while approaching the Ambulance parking overhead. Follow the roadway as it loops back around and you will be in position to back into an ambulance bay; feel free to park in any open bay or the ambulance overflow spots (see maps on reverse).

Please advise your staff of the upcoming dates/times. We look forward to seeing all of you during the Open House dates and showcasing the new Emergency Department and all it has to offer EMS as well as the community. If you have any questions related to the new ED, any of the Open House opportunities, EMS access or process of care, please bring those questions up for discussion when you attend or reach out to me ahead of time at my office number 781-744-8953 or by email;


Marc DiMattia EMS Coordinator 



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