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The Department of Public Health (Department) is pleased to announce the rollout of a new set of programs that aim to address gaps in illness prevention and health care service delivery: Community EMS, Mobile Integrated Health Care (MIH), and Mobile Integrated Health Care with ED Avoidance.

·         Community EMS is operated by a local public health authority in partnership with the local jurisdiction’s primary ambulance service to address illness or injury prevention through high value public health services in the community.

·         MIH is a system of pre- and post-hospital services that utilizes mobile resources, including EMS Personnel, community paramedics, and other health care providers to deliver a coordinated continuum of care at the patients’ home.

·         MIH with ED Avoidance is an additional component of an approved MIH Program that allows for management of 9-1-1 patients in alternative settings, as appropriate and in accordance with the DPH ED Avoidance Protocol, such as outpatient clinics, psychiatric facilities, substance abuse treatment centers, or the patient’s home.

Please join staff from the Department’s Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) for a series of webinars to help educate potential applicants and interested parties about these new programs:

Program Overview Sessions for EMS
This one-hour session will be offered on three different dates and will provide an overview of Community EMS, MIH, and MIH with ED Avoidance for ambulance services and EMS Personnel.

·         Tuesday, September 4th – 2:00pm
Register at:
Webinar ID: 919-253-211

·         Tuesday, September 11th – 10:00am
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Webinar ID: 156-124-187

·         Tuesday, September 25th – 10:00am
Register at: 
Webinar ID: 271-494-731

General Application Overview Sessions
The purpose of these one-hour educational sessions is to provide potential Community EMS, MIH, and MIH with ED Avoidance Program applicants with an overview of the application, requirements, and resources for each program type.

·         Community EMS
Friday, September 21st – 11:00am

Register at: 
Webinar ID: 767-092-379

·         MIH
Tuesday, October 16th – 1:00pm

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Webinar ID: 337-113-947

·         MIH with ED Avoidance
Friday, October 19th – 1:00pm

Register at: 
Webinar ID: 427-255-643

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For More Information: The MIH website is your best resource to learn more about the MIH and Community EMS Program. Information will be posted online as it becomes available, including webinar recordings and materials, details about newly-scheduled webinar and in-person educational sessions, and additional resources for potential applicants.