May 19, 2019


The Metropolitan Boston EMS Council would like to wish everyone a Happy EMS Week. This year, EMS Week is being celebrated across the nation the week of May 19-25. This is a special time to acknowledge and thank all the Emergency Service Personnel who provide lifesaving care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We invite everyone in the Region to please take a moment to recognize those EMS providers around you during this special week.

To all Region IV Emergency Service Personnel: we want to take this opportunity to recognize the exceptional service and care you provide year-round to the residents in the local area.  EMS Week brings forward the significant contributions made by highly trained members of the EMS community who have the responsibility of caring for their patients with dignity and respect in times of crisis without anticipation of reward or recognition of their efforts.

Every day, you are called to help others through one of the most stressful and frightening times of their lives. Every day, you can be called upon to provide a sense of security and relief during chaotic situations. Every day, you are called upon to do the work that only a select few can do. Every day, you always go beyond the call.

As your Regional EMS Council, know that we are pleased to serve as a resource to you; to work closely with you in coordinating and improving overall Emergency Medical Services in the Region.  When we all work together, we truly are “EMS STRONG.” Thank you for all your continuing support and cooperation!

Please check out our Facebook page and Twitter feed for links and information about national and local EMS Week information. In addition, check with your local EMS provider or hospital for EMS Week events in your area.

Be Safe.

EMS Week 2018 Welcome Letter-page-001.jpg

Derrick Congdon, M.S., NREMT-P

Executive Director