Call For Nominations - Region IV Board of Directors


We are having our annual call for nomination of candidates for membership to the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Boston Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc. and its standing committees. Click here for all the attachments pertaining to our call for nominations.

The Council is obligated to disseminate a Call for Nominations for membership to the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Boston Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc. and its standing committees to a broad audience annually.  Through this process, we seek to identify candidates to succeed those members who either no longer wish to serve or are ineligible to serve as a member of the Board.  We also wish to receive letters of intent from those members who intend to seek election for an additional term that commences on June 2019 by May 10, 2019 such that we may submit all intentions to the Membership Committee.


Nominations are being accepted

Nominations will be accepted through May 10, 2019.

The Metropolitan Boston Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc. is one of five state-designated Regional Emergency Medical Services Councils in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The primary mission of the Council is to coordinate and improve the Emergency Medical Services in its designated service area.  The Council’s service area, which is Region IV, encompasses sixty-one eastern Massachusetts cities and towns (EMS Region IV)



Metropolitan Boston Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc Organization Chart, 2019

Metropolitan Boston Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc Organization Chart, 2019

The Board of Directors is the policy-making body of the Metropolitan Boston Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc., and is comprised of thirty-four members of the Metropolitan Boston hospital, pre-hospital, public health, public safety, and lay communities. One member of the Council is a member of the Massachusetts Senate or House of Representatives.  The Board meets quarterly and has five standing committees, which carry out the majority of the Council’s work: Medical Control Committee, Membership Committee, Pre-Hospital System Coordination Committee, Public Information and Education Resource Committee and Trauma Systems Committee.





Membership on the Board of Directors and its standing committees is open to individuals who reside in, or are associated with a public health or safety organization based in one of the sixty-one cities and towns that constitute Massachusetts EMS Region IV.  Positions currently open for nomination in the following membership categories are –                

  • At-Large Member (3)

  • City of Boston Representative (1)

  • Consumer (1)

  • EMT, Advanced or Paramedic (2) (Manager-1 and Non-Manager-1)

  • Hospital Administrator (1) (COBTH); Law Enforcement Representative (1)

  • Licensed Ambulance Service Representative (1); Licensed Physician (2) (COBTH)

  • Local Government Representative (1)

  • Pre-Hospital ALS Manager/Director (4) (COBTH -1; North Suburban Area -1; Northwest Suburban Area -1; and South Middlesex Area -1).

Board member terms are for two (2) years, but there are not term limits.  The Council conducts this Annual Call for Nominations process and Board members whose term is up for renewal may renew their positions during this time as well, as any Chair that is a Board member can renew their chairmanship.



Nominations are also sought for Chair Board of Directors; Vice Chair Board of Directors; Chairs of the PIER Committee and Pre-Hospital Committee as well as membership on the Council’s Medical Control, PIER and Pre-Hospital Committees. A summary of committee functions is attached.

The Membership Committee (comprised of members of the Board of Directors) will convene for the purpose of receiving nominations and preparing a slate for consideration. Nominations for membership will be accepted by the Membership Committee from individuals who have a thorough knowledge of the person whom they choose to nominate. Candidates for membership may also nominate themselves. 


•           The name, address, telephone number and email address of the NOMINEE;

•           As the NOMINATOR, include your name, email address and telephone number;

•           A STATEMENT FROM YOU THE NOMINATOR of the Nominee’s qualifications and description of the attributes that the Nominee will bring to the Council;

•           A LETTER FROM THE NOMINEE in which they describe the contributions that they might make to the Council and acknowledge their acceptance of the nomination.


Email nominations Friday, May 10, 2019 to .


Address letter to:        Derrick Congdon, Executive Director

                                    Metropolitan Boston Emergency Medical Services Council, Inc.

                                    25 B Street, Suite A

                                    Burlington, MA 01803


Individuals seeking additional information about the Council or the nomination process should contact Mr. Congdon at (781) 505-4374.